Mission, Vision, Belief Statement

School Mission

It is the mission of Culpeper County High School, in partnership with home and community, to empower all students to achieve their goals by:

  • raising expectations;
  • fostering positive relationships;
  • respecting diversity;
  • promoting a rigorous, relevant course of study and;
  • creating a culture of life-long learning.

School Vision

Culpeper County High School will be the gateway to our students’ futures by developing and maintaining positive relationships among students, staff and community, and promoting a rigorous, relevant course of study.

Belief Statement

We believe that…

  • all students can and must learn;
  • all human beings have dignity and worth;
  • teaching and learning should be fun, but not necessarily easy;
  • we have not yet tapped the full potential of any student;
  • students must be expected to perform and apply learning;
  • every student that receives a diploma from our school should have a plan for the future and be fully prepared to implement that plan;
  • respect, responsibility, cooperation, and communication are essential for quality education;
  • school should have a safe, secure, and positive environment in which a student can achieve and be successful;
  • school personnel should serve as positive role models for students;
  • while addressing different learning styles, the school should help students develop independent and critical thinking skills and utilize current technology;
  • courses should be designed and taught so that students make connections between school and the outside world;
  • students should be engaged in a variety of cultural activities;
  • faculty, staff, administrators, parents, and the community share the responsibility for advancing student learning;
  • the ultimate responsibility for a student’s education lies with the student.