It is great to be a Blue Devil!  Culpeper County High Danny Soderholm
School has a wonderful tradition of success that we are building on every day.  I am grateful to be the principal at CCHS where building new opportunities and celebrating the successes of our students is part of our culture.  In Culpeper County "our mission is to equip and motivate all learners to maximize their potential by preparing students to be success, productive citizens."  

At CCHS we offer a variety of courses, activities, clubs and sports for our students to discover and develop their interests, talents and passions. It is our goal for our graduates to have the needed knowledge, skills, competencies, and experiences to make them "life ready".  Please check out the CCPS Profile of a Graduate to learn more about these efforts.

As an educator, I have always had a passion for students learning more than the content in their expressed courses.  The courses and programs offered to students should act in concert with each other to produce well-rounded citizens.  The CCPS Profile of a Graduate underscores this philosophy.  Our students should experience opportunities in and beyond the classroom to develop not only their content knowledge, but their skills in communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and citizenship to make them more career and life ready.  

I hope your student has a great experience at Culpeper County High School and embraces our Blue Devil Pride.  If I can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Danny Soderholm
[email protected]
540-825-8310 ext. 6200