Support Staff


Staff Title Ext. Email Responsibility
 Schuyler, Anne Secretary  6216  [email protected]  Registrar/Transcripts
Dawson, Tabitha Bookkeeper 6201 [email protected] Fund Collection
Toler, Sarah Nurse 6242 [email protected]
Buckles, Lori Attendance Secretary 6241 [email protected]
Walker, Lisa School Testing Coordinator 6220 [email protected] All Testing
Meyers, Doug School Security Officer 6247 [email protected]
Lamm, Holly Distance Learning Center 6362 [email protected] Virtual Learning
Richards, Verna Secretary to Principal 6205 [email protected] Parking Decals
Smith, Faye Attendance Secretary 6240 [email protected] Attendance questions and concerns
Rehanek, Linda Main Office Secretary 6200 [email protected]
Uribe, Cathy Instructional Specialist 6222 [email protected] Instructional Specialist