Support Staff

Staff Title Ext. Email Responsibility
Tricarico, Debbie Bookkeeper 6201 Fund Collection
Brubaker, Amy Nurse 6242
Buckles, Lori Attendance Secretary 6241
Adams, Stacey School Testing Coordinator 6220 All Testing
Christian, Allison Library Support Specialist 6231
Curtis, Joe (Deputy) School Resource Officer 6204 Security and Investigations
Johnson, Gary GCC Career Coach 6206
Lamm, Holly Distance Learning Center 6362 Virtual Learning
McEwen, Teri Counseling Center Secretary 6216
Mitchell, Kim Librarian 6230
Richards, Verna Secretary to Principal 6205 Parking Decals
Smith, Faye Attendance Secretary 6240 Attendance questions and concerns
Thorn, Lisa Security 6247 Parking, emergency drills, and investigation assistance
Bowyer, Jessica Main Office Secretary 6200
Uribe, Cathy Instructional Specialist 6222 Instructional Specialist