SOL Score Conversion Update

Culpeper County Public Schools has recently adopted a “do no harm” practice in regards to converting SOL test scores into exam grades at the high school level this year.  We have a conversion chart that we have used (see below).  We will continue to use the chart if the converted score will help the student’s final course grade.   If the converted score lowers a student's grade, the SOL score will not be converted, whether the student passed the SOL or not.  Consequently, the final exam score may not appear in the Parent Portal grade book or on the student report card.  This will mirror the look of the senior exam exemptions.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


SOL Score Conversion Chart:

Score on SOL Test               Score to be Entered as Final 

      600                                       100%

      550-599                                98%

      500-549                                95%

      450-499                                85%

      400-449                                80%

      0-399                                    63%