collage of photos from black history assembly

On Friday, February 17, 2023, Culpeper County High School (CCHS) held a school-wide Black History Month Assembly.  CCHS Assistant Principal Dr. Virginia Wright led the preparation and execution of the assembly assisted by Mr. James McDaniel, Mrs. Alice Robinson, and Mrs. Tamara Talley-Poe.  The students planned the event to showcase the versatility of African Americans.  To get ideas for the assembly, student organizers attended a field trip to the National African American History Museum in Washington, DC.  During the assembly, they performed music and skits that portrayed civil rights leader Rosa Parks, musician Etta James, heart surgeon Dr. Daniel Hale-Williams, inventors Frederick McKinley Jones (refrigerator and air conditioner), George Crum (potato chips), and Nathaniel Alexander (folding chair).  There was also an interpretive dance. The show concluded with a Soul Train line that included students and staff.   

Photos by CCHS students: Alex Dunkle, Brooke Bell, and Isabelle Bronesky