students on the stage wearing letter jackets

On October 3, 2022, Culpeper County continued a recent tradition.  Students in grades 9 through 12 who earned straight A’s the previous school year were recognized with custom medals.  Additionally, seniors who have maintained an A average throughout high school were recognized with an academic letterman jacket.  The ceremony was held in the evening and featured not just the student award winners and school staff, but also the parents of the academic jacket recipients.  

The ceremony started with the straight A students being called up with others in their grade level to have principal Dr. Daniel Soderholm place the special medal around their neck.  The straight A students for each grade level gathered together on stage and paused for a group picture.  It was special to see each student individually recognized and to see them gathered with the top academic performers of their cohort.  

The academic jacket recipients had a special presentation.  Parents or family members of the jacket winners joined each senior on stage to put the jacket on the student.  Dr. Soderholm explained, “The home is the first and most important center of learning.  Much of the academic success that we are celebrating is due to the support and partnership of our students’ families.”  The presentation of each jacket was unique.  It was special to see the love, pride, and gratitude shared between the students and their families through the hugs, kisses, and smiles.  

There were two incidents where family members were not available to present students with their jackets, where classmates stepped in at the last minute.  Those friendships showed the support systems students have beyond their homes.  

It was notable that a handful of the recipients of medals and jackets are students that are part of the special education programs at CCHS.  CCHS prides itself on being an inclusive school that celebrates all students.  

The ceremony concluded with a group picture of all of the academic jacket recipients.  

117 students were recognized for earning straight A’s and 69 seniors earned academic letterman jackets.